June Sunday Lunch Menu


Soup of the Day £4.95
with Bloomsbury Bakery's freshly baked bread

Chicken and Bacon Caesar Salad £6.00
chargrilled chicken and smoky bacon served with a
Caesar dressing and topped with parmesan shavings

Breaded Brie Wedges £6.50
deep fried and served on a bed of dressed watercress and finished with a cranberry sauce

Pulled Pork Tacos £6.50
smoky barbeque pulled pork topped with a garlic mayonnaise and served in a crispy taco shell

Beer Battered King Prawn £6.95
king prawns served in a beer batter with a sweet chilli sauce and fresh watercress

Steamed Mussels £5.95
mussels cooked in a white wine and garlic cream served with home-made bread

Whitebait £6.50
A bowl of whitebait topped with paprika and served with a tartare sauce



Sirloin of Beef £12.95

Loin of Pork £9.95

Pan Fried Chicken £8.95

Trio of Roasts (all three! - sirloin of beef, loin of pork and pan fried chicken) £16.95

all served with home made Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes and seasonal vegetables

Salmon Nicoise £13.95
served with green beans, chilli and garlic marinated olives, a
boiled egg and cherry tomatoes all finished with a house dressing

Butternut Squash, Brie and Beetroot Burger £10.95
served with Cajun fries and home-made burger sauce 


Poached Pear £6.50
served with vanilla ice cream

Sticky Toffee Pudding £6.50
served with a fruit compote, butterscotch sauce and ice cream

Baked Vanilla Cheesecake £6.50
served with a raspberry coulis and ice cream

Salted Caramel Profiteroles £6.50
served with a butterscotch sauce and ice cream

Trio of Ice Cream £5.95
served with a fruit compote

Selection of Local and Artisan Cheeses £7.95 
accompanied by a sweet onion marmalade, celery and crackers


Digestives - a selection of cognacs, whiskys and other after dinner
digestives are available including an array of ports and dessert wines

Coffees & Liqueur Coffees
Coffee - Freshly ground using the best coffee beans - Decaf & soya milk option available

Americano: simply served with or without milk £2.00
Espresso: a single or double shot of espresso single £1.55 double £1.85
Macchiato: a single or double shot of espresso with a spoonful of steamed frothy milk single £1.60 double £1.90
Latte: espresso combined with steamed milk lightly topped with foam £2.60
Cappuccino: espresso combined with a velvety milk foam finished with chocolate sprinkles £2.60
Mocha: espresso combined with hot chocolate topped with steamed milk £2.70

Liqueur Coffee - A generous 50ml of your favourite liqueur in freshly ground coffee
Irish - Jameson's Irish whiskey £4.95
French - Gran Marnier £4.95
Tia Maria - Tia Maria £4.95
Your our own favourite spirit base from £4.95

Hot Chocolate
Plain: rich hot chocolate combined with steamed milk £2.40
Luxury: our plain hot chocolate but served with whipped cream and marshmallows £2.60

Tea - Served by the teapot £1.95
Every Day: bright refreshing blend of fine tea leaves from around the world
Decaffeinated: vibrant and refreshing caffeine-free blended from high quality tea leaves
Earl Grey: light, fragrant and with a distinctive bergamot and lemon flavour
Lemon & Ginger: warm, spicy ginger blended with the fresh, zesty taste of lemons
Peppermint: clean and refreshing made from leaves harvested when rich in essential oils
Green: pure and smooth, a natural blend of the finest green teas
Camomile: delicate and natural caffeine-free floral infusion of the camomile flower
Fruit: rich caffeine-free blended with pure, all-natural fruit ingredients

If you have any allergies or dietary requirements, please speak to a member of staff